[CalendarServer-users] Free / Busy times troubleshooting

Helge Heß me at helgehess.eu
Tue Jun 24 14:54:11 PDT 2008

On 24.06.2008, at 19:50, Sean Noonan wrote:
> In Lightning there's an option to "Invite Attendees" but it doesn't  
> seem
> to be pulling users from my list of CalendarServer users--instead, it
> seems to be pulling from Thunderbird's email contacts.

Of course, its the calendar server, not the contact server :-) You  
might want to setup an LDAP server for your contacts.

> And no matter what I do people's free/busy information shows "No  
> Information".

Not sure whether Lightning does CalDAV freebusy REPORTs. Does calendar  
server expose .ifb VFREEBUSY resources, or does it only support  
freebusy via REPORTs?
If it does support .ifb resources, you could just add those URLs to  
your contacts.

Helge Hess

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