[CalendarServer-users] Free / Busy times troubleshooting

Sean Noonan noonans at get1free.com
Wed Jun 25 08:14:44 PDT 2008

Steve Roemen wrote:
> I'm curious about the free/busy thing as well.  I have ldap in my 
> Thunderbird, I can send invites, but can't see free/busy.  Is there a 
> schema I need to enable on ldap, and some url for free/busy?/
> / /Steve //
> /
> <snip>
I've been pulling my teeth out over this one for a month now.  Obviously 
some folks have free/busy times working while I do not.  I'm trying to 
figure out if the reason for this is due to:

1. Some stupid mistake like a typo or missing stanza in one of my config 
2. OS-related porting issues (I'm running FreeBSD and I assume most of 
the list is using OS X or Linux).
3. Client-related issues (I'm using Thunderbird with Lightning and 
Sunbird on Win XP for testing, don't have access to iCal).
4. Some ACL I need to grant that's not granted by default.
5. My inability to run the OpenDirectoryService directory service as 
it's my understanding that OpenDirectory only runs on Mac OS X Server 
(so, as I stated earlier, I'm using XMLDirectoryService).
6. Not facing the right direction or chanting the right incantation.

If anyone has free/busy working with FreeBSD PLEASE send me (the list) 
your sanitized configs.


--Sean Noonan

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