[CalendarServer-users] Trying to get business partner to access account

Daniel Milligan daniel.milligan at mac.com
Tue Jun 24 11:05:42 PDT 2008

I have set up my business partner in the accounts.xml file, but when  
she types in her user name and password and then using http://(my IP  
address):8080 she is getting a null 0 error.
I am really new to this and I can't seem to find the answer. Also,  
when I enter the address in my firefox it comes right up and asks for  
user/password, and then lets me in to collection listings for  
When I ask her to do the same on her computer, Firefox says it cannot  
find the location.
I am thinking that I need to make it so that she can find my computer  
(like I said I am really new to this). Any help would be great.

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