[CalendarServer-users] Trying to get business partner to access account

Eric Rabinowitz eric.rabinowitz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 11:14:51 PDT 2008


A few things:   Didn't you mean '8008' instead of '8080'?

I am assuming your partner is outside of your office?

Is it possible that your IP address is your *local* IP address behind  
a router/firewall?

If so,  you will need to give her your fully qualified IP address (and  
that can change with your provider).
You might want to use a  dyndns.com to register  a domain name (free/ 
no cost) behind a DHCP-provided IP address from a network provider.
Also,  your router will need to allow access to the correct port  
through to your local machine.

You mentioned testing with Firefox on YOUR side,  can she see your  
server with HER web browser or HER side of the network?


On Jun 24, 2008, at 1:05 PM, Daniel Milligan wrote:

I have set up my business partner in the accounts.xml file, but when
she types in her user name and password and then using http://(my IP
address):8080 she is getting a null 0 error.
I am really new to this and I can't seem to find the answer. Also,
when I enter the address in my firefox it comes right up and asks for
user/password, and then lets me in to collection listings for
When I ask her to do the same on her computer, Firefox says it cannot
find the location.
I am thinking that I need to make it so that she can find my computer
(like I said I am really new to this). Any help would be great.

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