[CalendarServer-users] Integrating CalServer with OD

Pascal Robert probert at macti.ca
Mon May 26 12:46:22 PDT 2008


I'm trying to get Calendar Server on my MBP (10.5.2) to talk to my OD  
(10.5.2 Server) master.  I got it to work, but with some pain:

1) First, I had to create a "computer" record in OD for my MBP  

2) In the "computer" OD record, I had to manually create the "apple- 
serviceinfo" attribute with something similar to this:


3) In the "computer" OD record, I had to add a second attribute so  
that I have "mbp.macti.lan$" and "mbp.macti.lan";

4) For each of my users, I have to manually create the "apple- 
servicelocator" attribute with this value :


Now my questions are:

- How can I register Calendar Server somewhere so that I can select it  
in the "Advanced" tab in Workgroup Manager.  I can see iCal Server  
running on my 10.5 Server in the list, but my MBP running Calendar  
Server is not.

- Do I really have to create the "apple-servicelocator" for all of my  
users manually?

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