[CalendarServer-users] how to update ?

jean jduffas1 at free.fr
Mon Nov 10 13:12:00 PST 2008

yes, but the calendars still exists,
only the "new" version of calendarsserver doesn' t see them.
If I come back to the hold version, it see them again.
and I did copy back all the conf files.
so perhaps it come from the fact I didn't made a diff
I use a mac too, so I will try ZsCompare.

thank you.


Le 10 nov. 08 à 22:05, Mark Cockfield a écrit :

> Jean,
> Diff is just comparing two files to identify the differences between  
> them.
> Depending on your platform there are a number of tools that are very
> helpful. I use a Mac and have used "zsCompare" and now use the SVN  
> tools
> within Eclipse. Eclipse is an IDE or Integrated Development  
> Environment. If
> you are not going to be doing any development, it probably would be
> overkill. As far as the GUID errors, I believe you will see those  
> when a
> calendar does not exist for an account; and, if I'm not mistaken the  
> message
> also indicates the the server will be provisioning the calendar  
> collection.
> Mark
> On 11/10/08 3:46 PM, "jean" <jduffas1 at free.fr> wrote:
>> hello,
>> I have also created my own config files (caldav.plist and
>> accounts.xml) and have moved my calendars out of the default  
>> location .
>> I have also after upgrade, put back conf files.
>> but I didn' t do any "diff"
>> how do you do that ?
>> and what is Eclipse project ?
>> when upgrading, I got a GUID error...
>> jean
>> Le 10 nov. 08 à 21:30, Mark Cockfield a écrit :
>>> Hi Jean,
>>> I have also learned to avoid overwriting the "conf" directory as  
>>> well.
>>> Before I setup the CalendarServer as an Eclipse project I would save
>>> a copy
>>> of the calendar and config directories. Then after upgrading I would
>>> copy
>>> the calendar directory back and do a diff on my config file and the
>>> new
>>> default config file as new attributes are often added.
>>> Now that I am in Eclipse with the SVN feature installed I can just
>>> do an SVN
>>> "update" to merge in the latest changes from the development
>>> repository.
>>> Then the next time I execute the "run" script it makes sure all  
>>> other
>>> dependencies are up-to-date. I should also mention that I have
>>> created my
>>> own config files (caldav.plist and accounts.xml) and have moved my
>>> calendars
>>> out of the default location so they do not get touched by the  
>>> update.
>>> Although moving the calendar directory wouldn't be necessary as long
>>> as you
>>> are not using the default accounts.
>>> Hope this helps.
>>> Regards,
>>> Mark
>>> On 11/10/08 4:29 AM, "jean" <jduffas1 at free.fr> wrote:
>>>> how tp update Darwin CalendarServer without deleting all  
>>>> calendars ?
>>>> jean
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