[CalendarServer-users] auto launch as root

Conrad Wasmer conrad.wasmer at comcast.net
Mon Nov 24 09:44:03 PST 2008

I have finally gone back and re-set up my DCS after having broken it
with some hasty changes before my daughter was born in April. It is up 
and running, and we are a happy family. But... I have three questions.

one: where to I specify the caldavd.plist file that I am using? is
that in the Run script? 

two: I cannot get the server to run unless I use sudo. I tried setting 
a valid UserName and GroupName in the caldavd-dev.plist
that I am using, and I changed the permissions on the data and
document root folders to match the username and groupname, but when
logged in as that user, I still cannot start the server.  I get an
error when it tries to load memchached, saying that the log file
caldavd.pid cannot be found (meaning, it cannot be created, I think).
Is there a setting in re: memcached that I should be changing?
currently, the user listed in memcached is the same as my UserName. I
have tried that with the -u switch and without the -u switch. 

three: the above issue is only an issue because of my inability to set up
a launch agent to sudo the ./run -d command. I cannot, for the life of me, 
figure out how to get it to enter my password when prompted. Is there
another way to do this so the server starts automatically, as a daemon, 
as root or via sudo?

Clearly, I am missing something, and I would greatly appreciate your
thoughts and advice. 

Peace - 


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