[CalendarServer-users] GSS-Error

Georg Troska georg.troska at uni-dortmund.de
Wed Apr 1 09:01:35 PDT 2009

Hi Jonathan,

network.negotiate... is set correctly
I'm also sure it has nothing to do with the the principal that  
authed,  as that is running on a different client. The problem occurs  
only at that client on Mac OS 10.4.

Your "ignorance on Mac clients" might be correct on some features. As  
e.g. the SSL keys must be stored in the keychain and can't be accepted  
by iCal itself. But in that case I'm using sunbird as a client.
And I guess if I am not able to connect through my browser to the  
authed areas of the server server then something different than a  
wrong client calendar configuration is happening. Are there  
differences in the Kerberos-Tools of Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5?


Am 01.04.2009 um 17:47 schrieb Jonathan Woodbury:

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> Please pardon my ignorance with Mac clients, but I wonder if the issue
> might be something like not having network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris
> in Thunderbird set to either the calendar host URL or something  
> generic
> like 'https://'. I know that by default, Thunderbird has this setting
> set to an empty string, and that it must be properly configured for
> GSSAPI auth to succeed. Perhaps the Mac clients have something  
> similar.
> Jonathan
> Georg Troska wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a calendarserver running and lots of clients (linux and MACOS
>> 10.5) are using it. I have also one client with Mac OS 10.4. I'm  
>> using
>> sunbird here. My authorization method is kerberos and as said its
>> working everywhere, but when trying to use this client i get  
>> messages like:
>> Authentication failed: Bad credentials: Unspecified GSS failure.   
>> Minor
>> code may provide more information(Wrong principal in request)
>> in my caldav log. I can't look into the subdirectors of the
>> caldav-server as well. Can't meens theres no errors, but there are  
>> tons
>> of messages like said before.
>> Any idea why this client is not working?
>> P.S.: Kerberos Auth seems to work I get a user and a host ticket
>> Georg
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