[CalendarServer-users] iMIP replies and Lighning interoperability

Markus Stürmer markus.stuermer at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Apr 19 04:02:14 PDT 2009


I'm trying to configure DCS on openSUSE 10.3 for a mixed Linux/MacOS  
environment using XML file authentication.

There is few information available about DCS / Lightning  
interoperability. It seems Lightning does not processing scheduling  
requests in the scheduling inbox on the server, and does not send  
invitations through DCS either. Was someone sucessful in getting that  
working, or is that not yet supported in Lighning?

I got the iMIP scheduling in DCS only partially working: Known users  
are asked internally (for iCal, see above), and external users get an  
invitation email. Problems arise when DCS tries interpreting and  
injecting email replies. I use the builtin mail templates and have  
enabled plus-addressing on the mail server. I've added an entry to the  
XML file for the  com.apple.calendarserver and the respective GUID to  
the »principals with "DAV:all" access«.

Depending on the client (both most recent version) I use to create the  
reply email I get the following errors:

Reply created by iCal and sent through Mail:
2009-04-19 10:45:32+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	  File "/srv/ 
processing.py", line 144, in doImplicitOrganizer
2009-04-19 10:45:32+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	    result = (yield  
2009-04-19 10:45:32+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	exceptions.AssertionError:  
There must be one and only one ATTENDEE property in a REPLY

Reply created by Lightning and sent through Thunderbird:
2009-04-19 10:48:33+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	  File "/srv/ 
put_common.py", line 1085, in run
2009-04-19 10:48:33+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	    raise err
2009-04-19 10:48:33+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	exceptions.AttributeError:  
'DirectoryPrincipalResource' object has no attribute  

After adding an cuaddr to the calender user entry, I also got errors  
when trying to schedule an event.
2009-04-19 10:58:58+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	  File "/srv/ 
directory.py", line 298, in __init__
2009-04-19 10:58:58+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	    assert  
len(calendarUserAddresses) == 0
2009-04-19 10:58:58+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	exceptions.AssertionError:

And for interpreting Lightning/Thunderbird replies the error changes to:
2009-04-19 11:06:13+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	  File "/srv/ 
CalendarServer/vdisk/CalendarServer/twistedcaldav/mail.py", line 259,  
in http_POST
2009-04-19 11:06:13+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	    yield  
self.authorize(request, (caldavxml.ScheduleDeliver(),))
2009-04-19 11:06:13+0200 [-] [caldav-8081] 	exceptions.AssertionError:

Best regards,

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