[CalendarServer-users] Getting a stable version of Calendar Server?

Scott Buchanan dscottbuch at mac.com
Mon Aug 31 09:02:32 PDT 2009


Thanks.  I've found the snow leopard python arrangement to be much  
more sane (at least to me) than 10.5 and I'm in the process of  
removing all my 'customizations' (from /usr/local, /Library/Frameworks/ 
Python...) and re-installing just the 10.6 /Library/Python and /System/ 
Library/Frameworks/Python.framework) and then rebuilding what other  
modules I need like matplotlib and scipy.   I'll nuke my current  
calendar server installation and reinstall from current trunk.  I had  
recently updated from 1.x to 2.3 and therefore had these files in  
older locations and things worked with iPhone and 10.5 iCal Clients.

Do you know why the 10.5 iCal Clients would work and the 10.6 iCal  
Client would not?

On Aug 31, 2009, at 7:55 AM, Cyrus Daboo wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> --On August 29, 2009 1:59:22 PM -0700 Scott Buchanan <dscottbuch at mac.com 
> > wrote:
>> OK.  I tracked this down to a permissions issue on /var/run/caldavd  
>> and
>> the files calendaruserproxy.sqlite & resourceinfo.sqlite.  By adding
>> group rw permissions to this directory and these files the following
>> error no longer occurs and all seems to be working.  I have no idea  
>> what
>> security risk this presents as I currently don't understand the  
>> security
>> model of CalendarServer so I don't know if this is a legitimate fix  
>> or
>> not.
>> Any input appreciated.
> First off in the new code we put those .sqlite files in a new  
> location by default: /Library/CalendarServer/Data/. It is best not  
> to use /var/run/ for those as they are "persistent" database files  
> and should not be automatically purged (as might happen to something  
> in /var/run).
> On permissions, the best thing is to create a "calendar" user and  
> group for your system, and change the caldavd.plist to use those.  
> Ensure that /Library/CalendarServer's contents have read-write for  
> that user and group. You will need to start the server as the admin  
> user but it will drop privileges to the user and group you specify.
> -- 
> Cyrus Daboo

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