[CalendarServer-users] Need some help in debugging iCal

tarjei tarjei at nu.no
Wed Dec 2 02:25:34 PST 2009

On 12/01/2009 11:05 AM, Guy wrote:
> I guess the first things to look at would be to make sure your computer does indeed point to the right place.
> Have a look in the preferences and find the hostname or IP address of the calendar server that's set there.  Then on the Terminal run this:
> 	ping<hostname or IP address>
> Does it answer?  Press Ctrl-C to stop the output.
> assuming it does answer I'd then check that the MAc can get to the TCP port of the calendar server.  Open Safari and paste the full URL from the preferences into your browser.
Yes, this works.
> Note... you might need to set the port in the URL..
> https://<HOSTNAME>:8443/calendar/users/....
> I've set the port to 8443 which is the default for calendar over SSL.
This is
> Does safari return data?
Yes. I used the url :443/..
(This isn't calendar server you see).

But, when I set the explicitly I get:

Forespørselen fikk en uventet feil (domene CalDAV No Calendar Home Error 
/ kode 1).

Translated: Request got an unexpected error (...).


> --Guy
> On 1 Dec 2009, at 08:17, tarjei wrote:
>> Hi, I'm using ICal against a Caldav server.
>> About 2 weeks ago, ICal stopped working and instead reported the following error (translated from norwegian):
>> the server is not reached or the name is invalid for<servername>
>> Now, the server is working for 10 other users using Mozilla Lightning so I think this is something Ical specific. I know this isn't an Ical list but I post here in the hope that someone can give me some input with regard to a) how do I debug this and b) why is ICal reacting as it does.
>> kind regards,
>> Tarjei
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