[CalendarServer-users] Proxies on Users

Georg Troska georg.troska at uni-dortmund.de
Thu Dec 3 07:45:05 PST 2009


I am using the calendarserver for a year now on ubuntu 8.10. Until now  
we have been using one simple single group calendar. I played around a  
bit now with delegations/proxies.

I was able to use the proxy-statement in the accounts.xml file for a  
location. This works fine. Now I would like to use it for users. I get  
the message:

	element only allowed for Resources and Locations: proxies

I looked around in the code and found in /usr/share/pyshared/ 

	elif child_name == ELEMENT_PROXIES: # Only Resources & Locations if  
self.recordType not in (DirectoryService.recordType_resources,  
DirectoryService.recordType_locations): raise ValueError("<auto- 
schedule> element only allowed for Resources and Locations: %s" %  
(child_name,)) self._parseMembers(child, self.proxies)

why is this coded in there? I looked in the latest trunk as well -  
there it is implemented correctly. I there a reason why this isn't  


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