[CalendarServer-users] ical invite mail not being sent

Dirk dirk at cocoanuts.org
Fri Dec 4 01:21:32 PST 2009

Hello, Markus!

> This is exactly the "expected" behavior. Invitations to other users
> on the same server are delivered internally (placed in the user's
> inbox directory on the caldav server).
> You can use a browser to look through the caldav (~webdav) structures
> on the DCS server and check for these ics files.
> Which clients are you using? iCal should get these invitations
> without additional configuration.

Does this behaviour depend on the client?

If not, would it be nice if the behaviour could be configured to be  

E.g. all invitations could be sent by the server. iCal e.g. does not  
send invitations if you use a different email client than Apple Mail,  


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