[CalendarServer-users] Internal server error/users not found

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Mon Feb 9 12:45:49 PST 2009

Hi W.,

--On February 9, 2009 3:39:01 PM -0500 "W. Brewster Brownville" 
<brewster at techsuperpowers.com> wrote:

> When I try to access the server via the web URL, I get an error message
> directing me to the logs.
> This is the predominant log message:
>> 2009-02-08 20:38:54-0500 [-] caldav-8009 exceptions.AssertionError:
>> Parent <DirectoryPrincipalProvisioningResource: /Library/
>> CalendarServer/Documents/principals> of
>> <DirectoryPrincipalUIDProvisioningResource: /Library/CalendarServer/
>> Documents/principals/__uids__> does not exist
> which appears to stem from some records being disabled, as per the
> following:

This is almost certainly a file permissions problem on the 
/Library/CalendarServer/ directory. In a terminal window, what does the 
following print out:

ls -la /Library/CalendarServer/

Cyrus Daboo

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