[CalendarServer-users] Linux Client Software

odinm odinm at comcast.net
Mon Feb 9 14:47:35 PST 2009

This is my first post to the list -- first off, I totally love DCS.   
I've been using it for about 10 months in my office now ,and it is a  
real joy to have shared calendars which everyone can edit, rather than  
shuffle around calendar files only one person could edit.

My server had been running on an Ubuntu 7.10 desktop system, and is  
now on an 8.10 system.  Clients include Leopard based Macs -- iCal  
connects and syncs without a hitch -- 100% reliable.

My problem is with linux clients.  Here are my complaints:
Sunbird (0.8 & 0.9):  very hard to configure and never gives a useful  
error message.  Once Sunbird is working, it takes about 5-10 minutes  
to load a calendar.  This is annoying in usage, but infuriating when  
trying to configure Sunbird -- one is never sure if the config is  
wrong, or it is just Sunbird being molasses slow as usual.

Chandler:  Because of a dependency issue, attempting to delete the  
interfering file on the Ubuntu 8.10 system means removal of open  
office.  I need both.

Mulberry:  It runs on the 8.10 system but is incredibly difficult to  
understand.  The directions for configuring mulberry say to choose  
"new account" from the "accounts" preference panel.  I've looked  
through every menu and have not found any such or similar thing.  So I  
haven't been able to try out Mulberry yet.  It looks pretty ugly on  
Ubuntu, but at this point, aesthetics don't matter to me one bit.  If  
it works, I'd use it and love it.

So my question:

What Linux client should I use?
  Is Chandler worth the nightmare of keeping two separate libraries  
installed so I can run a calender and open office?
Does Mulberry work and if so, how is configed?
Does Sunbird give problems with large calendars for other people?  If  
no, how do you tweak it to make it work?

Thank you,


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