[CalendarServer-users] Limitations on number events?

Sean McAvoy smcavoy at ripe.net
Tue Feb 17 02:30:55 PST 2009

On Feb 13, 2009, at 21:17, Cyrus Daboo wrote:

> Hi Sean,
> --On February 13, 2009 11:49:13 AM +0100 Sean McAvoy  
> <smcavoy at ripe.net> wrote:
>> I have tried this and found the same basic problem, other users  
>> cannot
>> access calendars with lots of events (tested 900-9500 event  
>> calendars).
>> Do you have any other suggestions on how to narrow down the problem?
> Calendars of several thousand ought to be OK. A lot will depend on  
> disk performance though - are you always using a local disk?
Yes, I am always using local disk RAID 5 on 3 73GB SAS drives. During  
the peak times I've run both top and iostat, top reports python  
processes at 100%, iostat reports little activity.
I have also created 1000 entries via the iCal client and experienced  
the same problem, after removing 900 of the entires (using the command  
line) the problem disappeared.
> -- 
> Cyrus Daboo

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