[CalendarServer-users] ics/webcal feed from CalDAV

JJ div.nabble at demon.cx
Fri Feb 20 11:25:57 PST 2009

iCalDAVMerge is a collection of scripts, built on merge-ics (<http://code.google.com/p/merge-ics/ 
and iCalendar (<http://codespeak.net/icalendar>), including a cron job  
that creates merged ics
files for all users each time it runs (in our case, every 15 minutes).

If these "merged" ics files are made available through a webserver,  
all users can then easily subscribe
(read-only) to the ics feed for everybody else. This was, in our case,  
impossibe to do in a stable or
easy way using CalDAV delegation...

Certain paths in the scripts may need to be adapted if not running  
CalDAV on Mac OS X Leopard Server.

Please find it here:


grtz, jj

Jan Jaap Spreij
E div.caldav at demon.cx

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