[CalendarServer-users] Iphone OS 3.0

Kotán Attila it at itth.hu
Tue Jun 23 13:57:25 PDT 2009

Hi Everybody!

Im a new in here!

I try to set my iphone caldav account and my test is was positive.

I use the debian lenny and the calendarserver.deb packages.

After set the caldav account on the iphone ical, i can write to the 
calendarserver a new event.
The already events on the calendar not sync to my iphone.

I found a little settings on my iphone (i change a plist file content) 
and now can i use full access to the calendarserver, and all event on 
the calendar syncronised automatically. Working perfect.

Has anybody any other sollution full access? / or im a first pioneer. :-) /
Anybody try the newer version of calendarserver ( for example from svn 
source ) with the iphone OS 3.0?

Best Regards!


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