[CalendarServer-users] Sharing calendars, events

Pascal Robert probert at macti.ca
Tue May 19 13:34:21 PDT 2009

Le 09-05-19 à 16:25, arun chhetri a écrit :

> Sorry for previous email that Was not complete
> Hi Pascal,
>  thanks for quick response
> I am working for CalDav client,,,
> any sorry for confusing query,,
> so, specifically my question is, how can I add an attendee to a  
> particular event
> ok, so adding an attendee I guess is similar to updating or adding a  
> new .ics file in the repository using PUT request with essentially
> the following parameters
> CUTYPE;CN,Desruisseaux
> 1)so my question is if user X want to add an attendee user Y for an  
> event, I will make a post to which user X or Y and what will be the  
> URL?

Exact. If you do your client in Java, I have code to do the free/busy  
lookup (it will be added to ical4j-connector when I'm done with my  
changes). You can also check the TCP traffic between iCal and your  
CalDAV server to see what iCal is doing, this is what I do (I use  

> 2) Same if user X wants to share some calendar with User Y,,,, how  
> will he do that,,

I think you have two options :

	Sharing with WebDAV : http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4791#section-8.4

	Delegation : where you can act as another user. I can't remember  
which RFC is it

> Thanks
> Arun

Pascal Robert


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