[CalendarServer-users] Available Features using XMLDirectoryService?

Dirk dirk at cocoanuts.org
Thu Nov 19 03:41:03 PST 2009


I am new to this list and interested in running the Darwin Calendar  
Server for a small company.

We'd need a setup like this:

4 user accounts:

1 boss
1 secretary
2 employees

Have 1 personal calendar for each of the 4 users.
1 company wide shared group calendar where all of the 4 persons have  
read/write access.
The secretary has read/write access to boss’ personal calendar.

Calendar Clients are Apple iCal from 10.5. and 10.6 as well as the  
iPhone client.

My questions are (after installing DCS and playing with accounts.xml):

How do I configure above scenario? Is it possible at all?

Do I need a specific release (build) version of the DCS to accomplish  

Is the accounts.xml rewritten by the server when a user assigns a new  
delegate in iCal?

Why is accounts.xml as it is? I'd expect a calendar server to have  
calendars as first class objects. Instead, there are users which seem  
to have one (one one?) implicit calendar.


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