[CalendarServer-users] LaunchAgent?

Ralf Höling hoeling at mac.com
Sat Nov 21 02:17:05 PST 2009


i just setup a DCS on a Leopard Client System in my user-folder and it  
works fine. The only problem is that I have to start the server by  
hand; the launch-agent doesn't work and the run-script doesn't look  
like described in
so I'm not able to make the changes, described there. On Konsole I get  
the following error-message:

21.11.09 11:05:27 org.apple.calendar[184] /Users/ralf/Kalender/ 
CalendarServer/run: line 38: support/build.sh: No such file or directory
21.11.09 11:05:27 com.apple.launchd[159] (org.apple.calendar[184])  
Exited with exit code: 1

Is there any possibility for creating a working LaunchAgent or startup- 

Best Regards


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