[CalendarServer-users] OS X Server vs Darwin Calendar Server and my first DCS installation

Chris Cleeland chris at milodesigns.com
Sat Nov 21 18:57:40 PST 2009

On Nov 21, 2009, at 6:21 PM, Stroller wrote:

> My opinion / perception: the calendarserver.org version would be  
> great for Linux users / sys admins if someone packaged it properly,  
> but that's obviously not something that Apple are interested in  
> providing. I believe there may be some Debian packages, but I don't  
> know how good they are.

FWIW, I had a pre-existing debian-based server in my house, and I use  
the debian calendar server packages.  They work just fine, and I sync  
all my macs and two iphones to it.

When I started using it, it was not easy to set up distinct users in  
the cal server without using LDAP or some directory service, and that  
was too complicated for my purposes.  So, instead, I created one user,  
and several calendars under that user, with each person in the family  
having a calendar.  Yes, that means that everybody in the family can  
edit anybody else's calendar, but that's okay for now.

> I'm not really clear WHY Apple provide the calendarserver.org open- 
> source version, because it seems fairly clearly like it's not  
> intended to be an easy solution for end users, and all I read here  
> is of people having pain with it.

I can't speak for their motivation, but I'm certainly pleased that  
they provide it.

Chris Cleeland

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