[CalendarServer-users] Group Calendars

Thomas Baker tjb at unh.edu
Mon Sep 21 13:01:29 PDT 2009


I checked out the latest svn build of CalendarServer, built it on  
Fedora 11, and most things seem to be working fine. One problem I am  
experiencing is when I try to access a group calendar. According to  
the documentation I've found, I should be able to log in using an  
account of a user that is a member and specify the group calendar in  
the URL like https://server/principals/groups/groupname. The problem  
I'm seeing is that an iCal 4.0 client gets an error that reads "The  
calendar server has not specified a calendar home for account at " and  
then gives the uuid url for the group I'm trying to access.

Any clue as to what I'm doing wrong?


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