[CalendarServer-users] More notes re: (not) working on CentOS 5...

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Thu Apr 1 10:41:40 PDT 2010

Hello Everybody,

After reading the previous thread on CentOS and consulting these 


...I'm getting *nothing*, no output, when I do the 'run' command.  No 
combination of parameters gives me any output.  However, I did deviate 
from the instructions at Rho in this manner:

1. Used Python 2.6.5 instead of 2.5.  Python 2.6 includes SQLite (it's no 
longer a separate download/install)... and the SSL in Python 2.5 does 
*not* handle certificates properly.  The SSL in Python 2.6 is based on 
OpenSSL which does handle certificates properly.

2. Installed Python under /opt/Python-2.6.5.  Replacing the system Python 
with 2.5 (or 2.6) is fraught with danger and should never be done on a 
production system.  To compensate for this, I edited the shell script 
named 'python' and corrected the full path for the Python I want to use.

3. Checked-out SVN trunk instead of 4538.  Has anyone done analysis to see 
what's different (and broken) between 4538 and trunk?

If I have some time I'll dig into the 'run' script to see if I can get it 
going, and at least get to the point where I get something running.  I'd 
like to be able to fix whatever's wrong in trunk instead of depending on 
an older version.


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