[CalendarServer-users] Dependencies list for CalendarServer 2.4

John Lowry johnlowry at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 16:08:32 PDT 2010

I gathered what will hopefully be a comprehensive list of software 
dependencies from the run script in the root directory, can members of 
the list confirm this is everything that is needed to run 
CalendarServer? I am trying to document everything that is needed to 
make it easier on packagers can put CS in their respective repositories 
for ease of installation by users. Some of the packages the run script 
pulls down are the  in an svn repo, while others are version-ed 
releases. Perhaps the list can help me identify since released versions 
of the svn-ed software so the list of deficiencies does not point at svn 
repositories, but a specific download-able version. For instance, 
PyFlakes has a stable release of 0.4. Perhaps that would be a better 
listing as a dependency? The list format is 
$packagename,$version-needed, $URLtoproject.

pyopenssl, >= 0.7, http://pyopenssl.sourceforge.net
zope-interface, >= 3.3.0, http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.interface
PyXML, >= 0.8.4, http://pyxml.sourceforge.net
pykerberos, svn r4241, http://trac.calendarserver.org/browser/PyKerberos
xattr, svn r1013, http://svn.red-bean.com/bob/xattr/releases/xattr-0.5/
memcached >=1.2.6, with libevent and thread  support, http://memcached.org/
libevent >=1.4.8-stable, http://monkey.org/~provos/libevent/
Twisted, svn r26969, 
Twisted web2 module from the above repo
python-dateutil > 1.4.1, http://labix.org/python-dateutil
vobject >= svn r212, http://vobject.skyhouseconsulting.com/
PyDirector, >=1.0.0, http://pythondirector.sourceforge.net/
CalDAVTester, svn r4822, http://trac.calendarserver.org/browser/CalDAVTester
PyFlakes, svn r17198, http://divmod.org/trac/wiki/DivmodPyflakes
Python >=2.5, http://python.org

if python is < 2.6 then the select26 module is needed, select26 >=0.1a3, 

if running on Darwin also needed is pyopendirectory from svn r4827, 

Obviously the above list does not include the resulting dependencies 
that the software list requires, but that can be left for package 
maintainers to worry about.

Also, are PyFlakes and CalDAVTester run time requirements for the server 
to run? If they are just handy for testing, that is okay, I just would 
like to know what is needed for the actual program to run.

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