[CalendarServer-users] How to test the PubSub push notification feature?

Conrad conrad at wasmer.homeip.net
Sun Aug 29 09:27:15 PDT 2010

Stewart Adam <maillist at ...> writes:

>   Hi,
> I have setup CalendarServer 2.4 on a Fedora 13 virtual machine along with a 
> local XMPP server. The calendar server is working great, I have already 
> tested it on iCal and an iPhone! I was wondering however if there was a test 
> to see if the PubSub push feature was working correctly (this is the main 
> reason I chose to use CalendarServer over other calendar servers).
> The last time I tried using CalDAV (with Sunbird & Apache) there was a 
> problem where if users did not refresh the calendar before publishing, any 
> other user's changes would be lost. The iPhone and iCal did not seem to have 
> this problem - I could delete, edit or create events concurrently and 
> changes would sync to both calendars however the changes were not instant, 
> and in many cases I had to force refresh on iCal to see the changes made 
> from the iPhone.
> Regards,
> Stewart

Stewart -

Did you make any headway on your attempt to test xmpp's pubsub with your DCS
installation?  I am having trouble figuring out how to set it up at all...! I've
installed openfire locally, but I'm having trouble navigating that system to see
if and how I set up the CalendarServer as a resource / establish a
calendarserver node.  If you have any suggestions for that I'd greatly
appreciate it.



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