[CalendarServer-users] How to test the PubSub push notification feature?

Morgen Sagen sagen at apple.com
Mon Aug 30 08:28:41 PDT 2010

On Aug 29, 2010, at 9:27 AM, Conrad wrote:

> Stewart Adam <maillist at ...> writes:
>>  Hi,
>> I have setup CalendarServer 2.4 on a Fedora 13 virtual machine along with a 
>> local XMPP server. The calendar server is working great, I have already 
>> tested it on iCal and an iPhone! I was wondering however if there was a test 
>> to see if the PubSub push feature was working correctly (this is the main 
>> reason I chose to use CalendarServer over other calendar servers).
>> The last time I tried using CalDAV (with Sunbird & Apache) there was a 
>> problem where if users did not refresh the calendar before publishing, any 
>> other user's changes would be lost. The iPhone and iCal did not seem to have 
>> this problem - I could delete, edit or create events concurrently and 
>> changes would sync to both calendars however the changes were not instant, 
>> and in many cases I had to force refresh on iCal to see the changes made 
>> from the iPhone.
>> Regards,
>> Stewart
> Stewart -
> Did you make any headway on your attempt to test xmpp's pubsub with your DCS
> installation?  I am having trouble figuring out how to set it up at all...! I've
> installed openfire locally, but I'm having trouble navigating that system to see
> if and how I set up the CalendarServer as a resource / establish a
> calendarserver node.  If you have any suggestions for that I'd greatly
> appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> Conrad
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To get the calendar server to send push notifications, first set up an account within openfire that the calendar server will use to log in to XMPP with.  Next, edit your calendar server .plist file and fill in the XMPP account information into the "Notifications > Services > XMPPNotifier section.  In there you'll want to set "Enabled" to "<true/>", and fill in the "Host", "Port", "JID", "Password", and "ServiceAddress" values.  "Host" is the XMPP server name, "Port" is 5222 unless you've changed that in openfire.  "JID" should be set to the Jabber ID you set up for calendar server within openfire, e.g. "calendarserver at example.com".  For "ServiceAddress", use "pubsub." prepended to your "Host" name, e.g. "pubsub.example.com".  Restart calendar server and it should then connect to your openfire server.  See calendar server's error.log for any connection/authentication errors.  You can watch all the XMPP traffic between calendar server and openfire by inserting this to your calendar server .plist:


That will let you know whether push is working between calendar server and the XMPP server.

Once you've got that much working, you can bring up an iCal client and go into the account preferences.  You may need to relaunch the iCal client so that it detects that the calendar server now supports push notifications.  There should now be a "push" option in the "refresh calendars" drop-down in the iCal account preferences.


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