[CalendarServer-users] Almost running CalServer on Centos 5.4

Peter Huetmannsberger huetmann at violine.at
Fri Feb 5 01:52:55 PST 2010

Hello Markus,

Thank you for your script, I'll try and implement it on the weekend. 
Meanwhile I have another question.

> We had a discussion about how to get iMiP invitations working recently, perhaps you can find it in the archives. This was the approach I did, and there might be a better one, unfortunately we never got comments from the developer side. I doubt that we get it at the first attempt this time, but let's try:
> - you'll need a user, by default com.apple.calendarserver, in your accounts.xml (or whatever authentication scheme you use)
> - that user needs admin privileges, so add its GUID to the AdminPrincipals section in your caldavd.plist
> - Enable iMiP in caldavd.plist's iMiP section and provide the password
>   you gave com.apple.calendarserver (and, if different, the username).
>   You'll further need to configure POP3/IMAP and SMTP.

How do I find out the UID for a specific user. I can't for some reason 
use the webinterface. (use firefox to look at the webstructure. I get 
permission denied). Or if I log on with superuser, I get Bad Request. 
(This actually worked in my Ubuntu Setup).

I also get the following error:

No principal found for UID: 61ccab5d-e815-57bf-bb09-a9904c0ac661

I have set up the user smtpauth in order to find the UID, I created an 
account in my Iphone to see what UID it migt have in the log files. The I 
used tis in the caldavd.plist file but I get the above error. I must be 
missing something important here.

The program did ot create a principals folder in the DocumentRoot.

Any help/comment is appreciated.


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