[CalendarServer-users] How to accept an invitation?

Peter Huetmannsberger huetmann at violine.at
Sat Feb 6 04:27:11 PST 2010


so far I have made great progress with the help of Markus and Guy, but as 
always there are some questions, that remain.

I can add appointments to te calendar, move it around, etc. I can also 
invite both external members as well as local users, I got rid if the 
error message, that said I did not have any guids.

However I never get to teh point where I can accept/decline an invitation. 
The appointment just gets added to the calemdar of the invited user, and 
there is no option to accept or decline.

Is there something I did wrong in the accounts.xml? I looked through the 
docs in teh mailing lst archive, but couldn't fidn any reference.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Please note that my email has changed to:
huetmann at violine.at

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