[CalendarServer-users] Problems during installation of Calendar Server

Eric Scheibler eric.scheibler at web.de
Wed Jun 9 10:07:23 PDT 2010

Hello at all,

for a few months I try to configure a debian server. After the initial 
parts of this server are running well I wanted to install a calendar 
server. I searched for a tool which offers the caldav protocoll cause I 
want to synchronize the calendars of my laptop (thunderbird with 
extension lightning) and the iPhone. So I found your project but I can't 
get it work - so I hope you can help me understanding, what I do wrong.

In principle I followed this tutorial 
http://wiki.debian.org/HowTo/CalendarServer. I took the default settings 
and added the new calendar under lightning with this address: 
http://my_IP_address:8008/calendars/users/admin/calendar (the last "/" 
was not accepted by thunderbird so I deleted it), protocoll is caldav 
and the name is simply "calendar". After this I get the ok message and 
then I added a few new dates,. Now I wanted to add the iPhone at the 
same way, also took the address as shown above and gave the calendar the 
same name. The iPhone checked the account and printed no errors but then 
I open the calendar app then I found only the standard private calendar. 
For testing I opened the address in my browser - site was found and I 
could log in. I found a table with a couple of .ics files (for example 
558faf35-e549-4425-8485-db5ba5b3bd59.ics). In each file I found one entry .

Does anyone know why the iPhone can't connect? Is the output at the 
website correct? Did I set something wrong or forget some settings?
Thank you for help


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