[CalendarServer-users] Problems during installation of Calendar Server

Dameon Wagner d.wagner at ru.ac.za
Thu Jun 10 01:08:26 PDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 07:07:23PM +0200, Eric Scheibler scribbled
 in "[CalendarServer-users] Problems during installation of Calendar Server":
> Hello at all,
> for a few months I try to configure a debian server. After the initial  
> parts of this server are running well I wanted to install a calendar  
> server. I searched for a tool which offers the caldav protocoll cause I  
> want to synchronize the calendars of my laptop (thunderbird with  
> extension lightning) and the iPhone. So I found your project but I can't  
> get it work - so I hope you can help me understanding, what I do wrong.
> In principle I followed this tutorial  
> http://wiki.debian.org/HowTo/CalendarServer. I took the default settings  
> and added the new calendar under lightning with this address:  
> http://my_IP_address:8008/calendars/users/admin/calendar (the last "/"  
> was not accepted by thunderbird so I deleted it), protocoll is caldav  
> and the name is simply "calendar". After this I get the ok message and  
> then I added a few new dates,. Now I wanted to add the iPhone at the  
> same way, also took the address as shown above and gave the calendar the  
> same name. The iPhone checked the account and printed no errors but then  
> I open the calendar app then I found only the standard private calendar.  
> For testing I opened the address in my browser - site was found and I  
> could log in. I found a table with a couple of .ics files (for example  
> 558faf35-e549-4425-8485-db5ba5b3bd59.ics). In each file I found one entry 
> .

That all sounds about right, but IIRC Apples iCal expects a different
URI to that of sunbird/lightning. So rather than the URI above, you'd
use http://your_IP_address:8008/principals/__uids__/<<guid>>/
instead (where <<guid>> is the GUID of 'admin' which you can lookup in
your accounts.xml).  However...

> Does anyone know why the iPhone can't connect? Is the output at the  
> website correct? Did I set something wrong or forget some settings?
> Thank you for help

I don't know if this is still the case, but
http://trac.calendarserver.org/wiki/iPhone states that an iPhone can't
connect directly to a CalDAV server, but must rather sync with another
instance of iCal on a full OSX install.  This seems pretty
odd/daft/pointless/full-of-lock-in-badness to me, but may still be the



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