[CalendarServer-users] Problem with iCal Server upon restart (iCal.app cannot find the calendars on the server)

JJ div.nabble at demon.cx
Mon Nov 1 07:13:06 PDT 2010

hi Christoffer,

I had this exact problem at one site; all other installations were  
running fine. Tried all kinds of things to fix it, nothing worked,  
until I realized the way this one site differed from the others: it  
was the only Standalone directory.

Converted it to Open Directory Master, and it's been running perfectly  
since then.

(Just guessing here, but probably the Standalone config is used &  
tested a lot less?)

grtz, JJ Spreij

div.nabble at demon.cx

> I'm having some trouble with the iCal Server.
> Everything works just as it should until I restart the server. When  
> I do all iCal clients get prompted with:
> The server responded with an error.
> The calendar https://serveraddress/principals/__uids__/{uid}/ was  
> not found on the server. Make sure the URL is correct.
> And it keeps prompting about that until iCal.app crashes or I remove  
> the account.
> When I add the account again in iCal everything seems to be working  
> O.K... until I do another restart of the iCal server.
> It seems that it is only the "normal" account that are affected...  
> Wiki Calendars work as they are suppose to even after a restart.
> I'm running a Mac OS X Server 10.6.4 with a Standalone directory.

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