[CalendarServer-users] Backup and restore

Kotán Attila it at itth.hu
Thu Nov 25 15:34:22 PST 2010


I use calendar server on Debian system.
I have a chrooted environment and mounted a partition with the DCS data 
to this jail.
Everything works fine.
Today i change all hard drive this computer, i installed new version of 
Debian and smthing.
I complete copied the jail to the new HDD and i make a new partition and 
from the old DCS data i copied the new partition.
Mounted this partition with "user_xattr" and look like everything is ok.

But the users cant connect to the calendar server and i dont know while.

The generated log file is say:
"2010-11-26 00:13:29+0100 [-] [caldav-8008]  [-] "Error reading property 
  'current-user-privilege-set') for resource 
<StatusResponse 401 Access denied while reading property
{DAV:}current-user-privilege-set.>"2010-11-26 00:13:29+0100 [-] 
[caldav-8008]  [-] 401 response while getting property: ('DAV:', 
Anybody try move the datas to another DCS instance?
Can i backup the data from the old system and restore a new one?

If possible moving the data, then please help.
I can restore the original situation (just change back the HDD -s).

(sorry for my bad english)


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