[CalendarServer-users] cardDAV from mac and iPhone

Chris Bell chris.bell at itblox.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 05:05:08 PST 2010

Hello :)
I've currently got Calendar Server installed on an Ubuntu server system.  The Calendar portion of this seems to work perfectly, I've got it working from both my Mac and from my iPhone.  The contacts part of the server is what now confuses me.  I can set the iPhone up to look at the server, it connects correctly from the standard server setup section of the iPhone and I can see from the server logs that the client connects properly (?) and looks through the hierarchy of objects on the server.   However, I can't create any contacts on the server from my iPhone, currently I have a google contacts list present on the phone and when navigating to the contacts group selection screen, the new Calendar server is not presented.  From the Mac, I don't seem to be able to connect to the contacts side of the server at all, just using the default address book app and selecting cardDAV server for the new account.  
Has anybody had any success with the merged server working for contacts, or any thoughts on what I should be looking out for?



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