[CalendarServer-users] cardDAV from mac and iPhone

Chris Bell chris.bell at itblox.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 13:29:30 PST 2010

Ok, so on further investigation, the iPhone connects to the cardDAV server, makes a request to the /directory node and then bombs out.  Connecting to the cardDAV server in a web browser, and clicking on the directory link, returns a 503 error - Service Unavailable - Service is starting up.  This is using the XML directory service.  In order for the AddressBook under OSX 10.6.5 to connect, the server details are required to be https://{domainname}:8443/principals/users/{username}.  Will continue investigating and report back any findings, although does anybody know if the xmlDirectoryService works correctly against the iPhone for cardDAV?



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