[CalendarServer-users] iMIP with external email service

Valentin Koch valentin.koch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 09:46:19 PDT 2010


I configured DCS on Linux with my ISP's email servers as primary iMIP service. Fetching and sending email is not a problem. However, as soon as an event is created, the ORGANIZER token in the event has a event token added as address tag in the DCS's email address. For example, if my DCS email account has the address:

calendar.server at provider.com

Then the event gets out with an ORGANIZER value like this:

ORGANIZER;CN=Valentin Koch;EMAIL=realemail at wherever.com:mailto:calendar.server+f623d91a-6c96-41dc-a6d6-bb0b2549eef8 at provider.com

The same mailto line appears in the ATTENDEE value. The problem is that my ISP does not allow address tags and therefore, any reply to my invitations cannot be delivered. I already commented out the Reply-To field but most calendar clients extract the return address out of the .ics attachment.

Is there a way to disable the event token or would DCS/iMIP not work without this being in the email address?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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