[CalendarServer-users] iMIP with external email service

Morgen Sagen sagen at apple.com
Thu Sep 9 09:57:47 PDT 2010

On Sep 9, 2010, at 9:46 AM, Valentin Koch wrote:

> Hello,
> I configured DCS on Linux with my ISP's email servers as primary iMIP service. Fetching and sending email is not a problem. However, as soon as an event is created, the ORGANIZER token in the event has a event token added as address tag in the DCS's email address. For example, if my DCS email account has the address:
> calendar.server at provider.com
> Then the event gets out with an ORGANIZER value like this:
> ORGANIZER;CN=Valentin Koch;EMAIL=realemail at wherever.com:mailto:calendar.server+f623d91a-6c96-41dc-a6d6-bb0b2549eef8 at provider.com
> The same mailto line appears in the ATTENDEE value. The problem is that my ISP does not allow address tags and therefore, any reply to my invitations cannot be delivered. I already commented out the Reply-To field but most calendar clients extract the return address out of the .ics attachment.
> Is there a way to disable the event token or would DCS/iMIP not work without this being in the email address?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Valentin
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The "plus addressing" tokens are required; calendar server will reject any replies that are missing a valid token.

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