[CalendarServer-users] Questions after Working Ubuntu 10.04 Trunk Install...

Robert Moggach rob at dashing.tv
Tue Feb 1 09:35:14 PST 2011

I have a few questions after a late night custom build/install session that's working on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS virtual host-

1) Can I use flatfiles instead of sqlite?  (like OS X... this all feels a bit like ldap cn=config when flatfiles are sooo much easier)

2) Am I right in assuming I don't need carddavd as it's included in caldavd and how do I enable it in the configs?

3) How can I get path discovery working for addressbook without having to use the http://www.ronregev.com/misc/pim_server_tutorial/  hack of finding the GUID and editing the plist file for addressbook?

4) How can I add group calendars?



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