[CalendarServer-users] Externally originated event invitation

Michael Pasqualone michael at macexperts.com.au
Tue Feb 1 18:31:29 PST 2011

Running release-2.4, I'm wondering if/how externally originated event invitations are supposed to work.

I'm testing by using iCal on an external machine (i.e. not connected to DCS) and sending an invite to test.user at example.com, who has an DCS connected account as below:

	<name>Test User</name>
	<cuaddr>mailto:test.user at example.com</cuaddr>

I can bring the event into the test.user's DCS calendar, however attempts to accept/decline yield no results.

I have caldavd.plist setup and iMIP replies and new invitations originated from DCS work as expected. However, new invitations originated from outside of DCS to a I can't get to work.

Does anyone have any ideas? should this even be possible?

Michael Pasqualone

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