[CalendarServer-users] which ladp attributes for location / resources

Simon Gude gude at hmt-leipzig.de
Thu Jan 13 05:11:28 PST 2011


hope you can help me ... i use calendarserver 2.x @ debian testing with

So everythings fine but i wann use locations (e.g. rooms) via apples ical.
As i type a location a exclamation mark appears ... so he cant resolve the
location. In my ldap there are two ou's called locations and resouces but
which arguments are needed? I found "rooms" but that does not work for me,
it seems that the calendar server is searching for an email-address (i use
room only with cn=room 008b)? 

I know this behavior from exchange - a room with a mailaddress, so the room
can write back that he's booked.

Can anybody tell me which attributes are needed for locations or is
something else wrong? 

thanks in advance

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