[CalendarServer-users] which ladp attributes for location / resources

Andre LaBranche dre at apple.com
Mon Jan 31 15:16:54 PST 2011

I don't believe this is possible right now. Calendar server wants to store locations / resources in local XML files. You can use calendarserver_manage_principals to add / remove / edit such records. For Mac OS X, there is a tool to import resources from Open Directory (calendarserver_migrate_resources), however that almost certainly will not work as-is against other types of directory systems.


On Jan 31, 2011, at 5:41 AM, Simon Gude wrote:

> Hi, i write this mail again because no one answered to the first one. i use 
> calendarserver 2.x @ the latest debian testing with a local ldap server.
> everythings fine but i want to use locations (e.g. rooms). As i type a 
> location (apple ical) a exclamation mark appears ... so he cant resolve the 
> location. In my ldap there are two ou's called locations and resouces but 
> which arguments are needed? I found the "rooms" attribute but that does not 
> work for me, it seems that the calendar server is searching for an 
> email-address (i use room only with cn=room 008b)?
> I know this behavior from exchange - a room with a mailaddress, so the room 
> can "answer" that he's already booked.
> Can anybody tell me which attributes are needed for locations or is something 
> else wrong?
> Hope this time i get some help :-)
> Simon
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