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H Plato hplato at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 10:37:29 PDT 2011

Has anyone been able to get v3.1 release working on linux?  I installed a
brand new fresh Centos 6.0 virtual machine, and managed to get past the
postgres issue, the server appears to start up, however I get a connection
refused when I try and access the ical
http://username:pass@server/users/username/calendar  (or whatever the URL

interestingly enough, I can launch the server using ./run, but when I try
and run the server through caldavd -T /path/to/twistd -f
/path/to/config/file I get problems. There seems to be a few versions of
twistd installed, using one gives a 'caldav not found' error, and the other
gives a dependancy issue.

It would be awesome to have a working VM to share.

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> As my old server died, I'm in the process of installing a new dcs server.
> I've been able to get the dcs server installed, and started, however it dies
> trying to make a postmaster connection (I don't have the specifics as I'm
> away from my pc). Does dcs need postgresql? I have a local postgresql server
> that I've started in the same box, but no change.
> Lastly has anyone restored a calendar account to a new server?  My Mac iCal
> client has all my appointments, I don't know how I can push these all to the
> new server.
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