[CalendarServer-users] HTTP 404 problems

Chris Cleeland chris.cleeland at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 06:05:23 PDT 2012

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 6:07 AM, Rasmus Borup Hansen <rbh at intomics.com>wrote:

> It looks like I've solved the problem. Apparently, you cannot rely on
> CalendarServer generating the GUIDs. I added the following configuration
> and haven't had problems yet:
>>    <key>DirectoryService</key>
>    <dict>
>      <key>type</key>
>  <string>twistedcaldav.directory.ldapdirectory.LdapDirectoryService</string>
>      <key>params</key>
>      <dict>
>>        <key>rdnSchema</key>
>        <dict>
>          <key>guidAttr</key>
>          <string>entryUUID</string>
> This reuses OpenLDAP's Universally Unique IDentifiers as Globally Unique
> IDentifiers in CalendarServer which is probably a nice thing in itself.

Interesting.  I'll have to think about how I could do something similar,
since I'm not using LDAP as a directory service.

With regard to disabling memcached, one of the few responses I got back to
my queries regarding memcached is that it's not possible to disable:


In my case, I'm not sure the GUID generation would change the situation
substantially because I already have calendars with GUIDs assigned.  What
will happen in my case is that sometimes a request will come in and will be
"found", while 5 minutes later a request for the same item will come in and
not be found.  With my weak python debugging skills I traced it down to
trying find that something in cache and it not being there.  I would think
that when it's not in cache it would get loaded, but it's almost as if
memcached thinks it has the item but doesn't return it.

Chris Cleeland
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