[CalendarServer-users] Turn off memcached?

Chris Cleeland chris at milodesigns.com
Tue Feb 7 10:20:01 PST 2012

Is it possible to turn off memcached support, even with hackery?  I am running into persistent problems running 2.4 on Debian where, after awhile, it appears that memcached gets confused and can no longer find the directory for a calendar. I am not running this in an enterprise. It's my home server, so while memcached is nice it's not that big of a deal.

I'd like to upgrade but have had problems getting 3.1 to run. I don't really have a ton of time to fool with it and am a sucky python programmer, so I'm content to hack at this one until 3.2 can be packaged by somebody who is way more knowledgable than I. 

Chris Cleeland

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