[CalendarServer-users] Not a calendar resource?

martin f krafft madduck at madduck.net
Thu Jan 19 04:59:49 PST 2012


I am experimenting with calendarserver 2.4 on Debian stable.

After failures to connect from both, Sunbird and CalDAV-Sync for
Android, I started investigating what was going on. The CalDAV-Sync
author noted, that the response for
does not include something like

  <calendar xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav'/>

and is thus not a valid calendar resource.

Here is the URI:

  User/password: test/test

I notice the four .ics files in there as having been created by
Sunbird, but Sunbird cannot display them, and CalDAV-Sync cannot set
up this resource. Sunbird's error console also says that this is not
a CalDAV resource.

If I use the credentials admin/admin and the appropriate URIs, then
it all seems to work.

Did I mess something up? I cannot be expected to make all users
admins, can I?

How is admin access determined anyway? The accounts.xml entries look
identical, so is this in sudoers.plist?


How does this work?

Or is the name 'admin' hardcoded?


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