[CalendarServer-users] Client on iCAL doesn't send accept mail back...

Svavar Örn Eysteinsson svavar at fiton.is
Fri Oct 12 04:55:20 PDT 2012


I have finally got the CalendarServer, trunk 9922 up and running on 
Centos 6.3
with iMIP and everything works as expected.

If I create a event and invite some user on gmail, that user get's email 
and he accepts.
gmail.com sends an email to the calendarserver which injects it and 
marks it as accepted.

Everything works.

Now the problem,
if I create a event and invite a user running OS X, Apple Mail and iCAL 
he gets it
normall in email, accepts it in iCAL but the client never sends accept 
to the server.

Nothing in LOGS, no SMTP traffic after the user presses ACCEPT.

Is Apple iCAL broken ?

Summery :

             + Gmail, client accepts. It returns as accepted into the 
             + iCAL, client accepts. It dosn't return any info or 
traffic back....

Please, any help and or information regarding this issue would be much 
As All my clients are running OS X and Apple Mail, (iCAL).

Best regards,

Reykjavik - Iceland
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