[CalendarServer-users] Exception thrown when using chained certificates

Fredrik Unger fred at tree.se
Thu Apr 4 23:52:27 PDT 2013


> I also tried the certificates with Apache - it works. However, when
> starting Apache, I was prompted for caldav-server.key's password.
> Maybe that is causing problems for twisted? If so, how could I create
> a passwordless key, if possible?

Yes, I think you have to strip the password from the key.

I had to do it for older versions, and if that has changed let me know.

I did some attempt to add
http://docs.python.org/2/library/getpass.html to read the passphrase for 
the key, but it had some problems, probably because I was not
sure about what the different processes did at the time, and how they
communicated. Some day I might try again.

This is how to strip it :

openssl rsa -in filename.key -out filename.key.nopass

It is not optimal, and it makes me cringe everytime an application makes 
me do this.. Exim does it to.

Luckilly I am not running some important calendarserver so I can live 
with it for now.


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