[CalendarServer-users] Is xattr still needed when using Postgres?

Andre LaBranche dre at apple.com
Wed Apr 24 17:51:27 PDT 2013


xattr support would only be needed for the ability to upgrade / import from previous versions; these days we use Postgres instead of a file-based store, so no need for extended attributes once everything is running a modern version (and all data has been upgraded / imported).

If you don't need to upgrade from an ancient version, you can probably just comment out the appropriate bits in support/build.sh:

Index: support/build.sh
--- support/build.sh	(revision 11097)
+++ support/build.sh	(working copy)
@@ -736,9 +736,9 @@
-  py_dependency -v 0.5 -r 1038 \
-    "xattr" "xattr" "xattr" \
-    "http://svn.red-bean.com/bob/xattr/releases/xattr-0.6.1/";
+#  py_dependency -v 0.5 -r 1038 \
+#    "xattr" "xattr" "xattr" \
+#    "http://svn.red-bean.com/bob/xattr/releases/xattr-0.6.1/";
   if [ -n "${ORACLE_HOME:-}" ]; then
       local cx="cx_Oracle-5.1";


On Apr 23, 2013, at 12:37 AM, Richard Cáceres <me at rchrd.net> wrote:

> I am trying to install CalendarServer on a Dreamhost VPS, but I found out xattr are not enabled (and impossible to enable). I cannot find much information about the Postgres feature. 
> Is xattr still needed when using Postgres? Does Postgres take over all storage? 
> Also, is there any documentation about setting up Postgres?
> Thank you.
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