[CalendarServer-users] odd connection error and log entries 10.8 server

sean.wells at mac.com sean.wells at mac.com
Thu Apr 25 09:20:37 PDT 2013


I setup my 10.8 server with users, contacts, calendars, profiles, and web. I setup a quick SSL cert from GoDaddy to get all my services rolling. I am able setup devices profiles and at my location all services are working just fine.

However this am when I tried to setup user in a remote location on calendar and contacts I have been running into a wide range of issues. Calendars load when I manually go into a users computer and add it as a caldav server. Then it goes to unconnected. When I look at the /var/log/caldav/error.log here is a series of entries that keeps repeating over and over:

2013-04-25 09:13:55-0700 [-] [notifications] 2013-04-25 09:13:55-0700 [APNProviderProtocol (TLSMemoryBIOProtocol),client] <twext.internet.adaptendpoint.LegacyClientFactoryWrapper instance at 0x1040382d8> will retry in 2 seconds
2013-04-25 09:13:55-0700 [-] [notifications] 2013-04-25 09:13:55-0700 [APNProviderProtocol (TLSMemoryBIOProtocol),client] Stopping factory <twext.internet.adaptendpoint.LegacyClientFactoryWrapper instance at 0x1040382d8>
2013-04-25 09:13:56-0700 [-] [notifications] 2013-04-25 09:13:56-0700 [-] Starting factory <twext.internet.adaptendpoint.LegacyClientFactoryWrapper instance at 0x104038518>

What is this referring to?

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