[CalendarServer-users] Escaping in CARDDAV:addressbook-query

Avner Aviad avner at google.com
Thu Jun 13 09:02:50 PDT 2013

A question about addressbook-query implementation of escaped search values.

*The background:*
In a VCard, Some types are multi-value with a type dependent separator.

Example from the RFC (with one escaped separator added):

ADR;GEO="geo:12.3457,78.910";LABEL="Mr. John Q. Public, Esq.\n
  Mail Drop: TNE QB\n123 Main Street\nAny Town, CA  91921-1234\n
  U.S.A.":;;123 Main *Street;Any \; Town*;CA;91921-1234;U.S.A.

Each component is escaped as expected.

*My question:*
In implementing addressbook-query text match value, how should I escape?
In an example, say I want to filter and find the above value.
My guess is that the value to search with will be: *"Street;Any \; Town"*

This means that the server query processor will have to unescape the value
component by component after a split on the type specific separator.

Is that right?

Avner Aviad
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